Joy in April

The past few weeks have been busy and fun!  I had a great time this past weekend doing a fill-in date with Tenore ( in Ft. Myers, FL. They are an amazing group, and we had a blast… limo ride and all! 

The week before several of us joined Alex Zsolt at Miller Piano in Franklin, TN.  Kirk Dearman, Jessica Mack, and Eric Bikales set the bar high that night.  I sang Pie Jesu which will be featured on my upcoming record. I also sang a version Joy To The World arranged by Kirk Dearman. Although it was an unexpected song for April, it was arranged in such a way that it made for a beautiful spring song selection.

Up until this afternoon, I was going to Washington DC this week for a Verizon conference.  It was sadly cancelled.  At that conference I was going to have the opportunity to try out some new genres of music.  Selections from the Grateful Dead, Eddie Vedder, and Lynyrd Skynyrd were on the set's always fun to try new things.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Tyler Michael Smith and I are continuing to work on the orchestrations for my next record, and I cannot wait to share them with everyone.  I am so excited about how things are coming along.