Sunday’s concert at the Schermerhorn

Sunday’s concert at the Schermerhorn was amazing!  What an honor to share the stage with so many amazing artists, musicians and behind the scene event planners.  Lee Camp, John Coates, David Huntsinger, Solveig Leithaug, Jim Chaffee, Dave McKay, Sloan Yarborough, The Nashville Choir, World Fiddle Ensemble, First Bap Nashville Choir, Temple Church Choir and Band, Buddy Greene, Chip Davis, Zach and Maggie White, Brian Fullen, Janet McMahan, Billy Davis, Settles Connection, Stephen Humphries, Jesse Isley, Alexander Rybak, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Bob Clark, Melissa McEachin, Dr. Peter Fields, Joe Fitzgerald, Victor Wynn, Scott Revo and so many more…  It took an army of talented people with vision, patience and love to pull that show off.  It was uplifting and won’t soon be forgotten.  I was honored to have shared the stage on "One Voice” by Barry Manilow and “The Lord’s Prayer” by Jesus and Chris Eaton (music).